Friday, June 15, 2012

June 16 - Free Healing Session 9am to 5 pm- Segambut KL

Vanakam and be blessed

Prana Healing Wand - PHW

Prana Violet Healing is a gift from the Devaraja and the Cosmic Beings of BOROBUDUR Indonesia. Simple techniques of healing the energy body and healing physical ailments which can be learned by anyone. All teachings and healing are provided free of charge.
Vision Statement
We envisage where families are healthy and enjoy healthy life with the PHW.
We believe all people are made in the image of god and can heal themselves easily.
Mission Statement
Health is the birth right of a human. Prana Violet healing with the PHW shall be made available to anyone regardless of race religion and creed. PHW is for all.   
  1. Prana Healing is a no touch , no drug, Prana Therapy.
  2. Prana Healing is opened to all races and religion. Anyone above 5 years old can learn Prana Violet Healing.
  3. Prana Healing does not replace any form of medical treatment.
  4. Prana healing complements all form of medical or other treatment.
  5. Prana Healers should not interfere with any prescribed medication.
  6. Prana healers shall not make any medical diagnosis or medical treatment.
  7. Prana healers are not doctors.
  8. Prana healing is provided at no cost to all

Main Office :
No 28, Jalan DutaMas Seroja 3, Taman Segambut,
51200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel :            +603-62522213                    +603-62522213      
Fax : +603-62521210

Prana Violet Energy from Warn

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