Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Practical Hinduism Seminar

Practical Hinduism

A Hindu workbook for spiritual unfoldment 

A monthly seminar cum discussion about Hinduism and how we use it in our daily lives. 
This class is less about the theoretical aspects and more about how we can use the principles of Hinduism and the richness of our religion which is so much more than just rituals and songs. Those have their place but they are not the only part of Hinduism as this class strives to show. Here you will learn practical steps to aid your spiritual life on a daily basis that are more than just going to temple once a week and waving the arthi flame in your home shrine. The class is more of experiencing your self and by yourself. 
It is specially designed for busy people who can't commit every week. As such these will be held once a month for 4 hours with a tea and lunch provided. It will also be held in halls and hotels to enable everyone to come even if at that time you can't go to the temple for what ever reason. 
Some of the topics covered are: 

What is Spiritual Unfoldment?
Devotion: A Weekly Routine
for Worshipping Lord Ganesha
Devotion: Interweave Worship and Prayer.
Benevolence: Helping Others

For the first class we will cover these questions and more
Discussion: What would you say is the focus of Hinduism? Said another way, in
Hinduism what exactly are we trying to accomplish? Or, what is the goal?

Discussion: How much progress did you make yesterday toward this goal?

The point being made is that In Hinduism we need both a long-term goal and short
term-goals. This can be compared to planning for retirement. Say that our long term
goal is to retire near the ocean on a comfortable investment income. To achieve that
goal we need to be sure to save each month a minimum amount. Without the monthly
effort to save, the long term retirement goal won’t be met. Likewise in Hinduism, without
putting forth certain efforts on a daily basis, our long term goal will also not be met.
Discussion: Discuss the idea of the need for multiple goals in Hinduism.

and much much more. 
We are open to having this class in any town or city in or out of KL. Within KL it can be held on weekdays if it is  outside has to be on the weekends. Minimum number of people 20 to max 40. 

Please forward to message to all your friends in outstation too.

Sivajnani Nagappan

Anbe Sivam
Om Shanti

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