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Sacred places of Pangkor Trip April 21 , 2012

Sri Pathira Kaliamman Temple Pulau Pangkor

A beautiful sea front temple on Pulau Pangkor which is famous for its Masi Magam Festivals and it's wish giving benefits. Thousands of people come to the temple during Masi Magam ( March- April) to pray for good fortune and blessings for the coming year.  Pilgrims come from India, Mauritius, Indonesia-Medan & Bali, Thailand,  Singapore, Myanmar, Australia and Sri Lanka to take part in this festival. 
The participants in this festival, either carry milk pot or bearing a kavadi made of fresh flowers, peacock feathers and fruits.
Last day to register April 19 2012 

Kaliamman is known for being both fierce and protective and is considered the goddess of time and change.
"O Mother, even a dullard becomes a poet who meditates upon thee raimented with space, three-eyed, creatrix of the three worlds, whose waist is beautiful with a girdle made of numbers of dead men's arms..." (From a Karpuradistotra hymn, translated from Sanskrit by Sir John Woodroffe)
Full Itinerary :

4.45am - Meeting point at Yashree , Puchong and Digital Mall USJ 19, Subang Jaya

5.00am - Leave to Pulau Pangkor

6.30am- Arrive at Lumut Jetty. Take ferry to Pulau Pangkor

7.30am - Arrive at Sri Pathira Kaliamman Temple Pulau Pangkor. Prayers and Archanai.

8.30am - Breakfast at the temple

9.00am - Leave to Pantai Pasir Bogak with hired Van. ( No public transport and no tour bus in the island )              
               Swimming , games  and  fun activities with everyone

1.00pm- Lunch

2.00pm - Shopping and site seeing

4.00pm - Tea Time

5.00pm - Leave Pulau Pangkor to Lumut. Taking ferry back.

6.00pm - Arrive at Lumut. Take our Tour bus.

7.00pm - Arrive at Sri Maha Mariamman Temple - Ayer Tawar Mahjung . Attend puja and prayer.

8.00pm - Leave Ayer Tawar back to KL.

9.30pm - Arrive at USJ/ Puchong

RM 150 for Adults and RM 110 for children between 7 years to 17 years old  includes all meals and transportation. Bring money for the temple archanai and shopping. Children under 6 are free.

Limited places Please bring your kids we are making plans for children as well. Also the beach is known for being very safe for kids. 

Great trip for family outing and pilgrimage at the same time.

Contact Mr. Siva N.L. 016-232-5664 or at or leave a message on Facebook.

Om Namasivaya. Om Shanti

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